Terms of Use

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1- Service

www.kakophone.com provides users different free features. Among these features, the site displays an online interface to automatically create polyphonic ringtones in midi format. Users may use this interface as often as they wish to create tunes, listen to them online and retieve them for personal use.  


2- Liability

Before downloading ringtones, users should ensure that the service provided is compatible with their mobile telephone. This means:

•  ensuring that the mobile phone can play polyphonic ringtones in midi format
•  checking that the mobile phone has WAP functionality or that they can transfer a file from their computer to their handset
   using Bluetooth or USB connexion.

3- Intellectual property

Use of the site does not grant users any intellectual property rights with respect to site content, which remains the exclusive property of SOPHIE SARL and/or its associates. The different components of the site, layout, text, programs, source code, images, animated or otherwise, sounds, expertise, designs, graphics and other features remain the exclusive property of SOPHIE SARL and/or its associates and/or other identified copyrights owners.

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The site is provided for private use only. Any other usage shall be deemed unauthorised and/or an infringement of trademarks and/or copyright and/or other regulations governing intellectual property.

Users are therefore asked to refrain from copying, representing, broadcasting, marketing, modifying or granting to a third party all or part of the site or any of its components without the prior written approval of SOPHIE SARL.

In addition, any sale or free distribution of files created by www.kakophone.com is strictly prohibited, with the exception of those shared for private use only.

Any illegal use of all or part of the site (unauthorised copying, publishing, etc.) may lead to prosecution.

4. Changes to legal information herein

SOPHIE SARL reserves the right to make changes to the legal information herein without prior notice. Users are therefore responsible for checking this information regularly to stay abreast of any changes.

5 . Any disputes will be settled under French law.

Any disputes will be settled under French law.

6. Jurisdiction

Any disputes that cannot be settled amicably between the parties will be brought before the relevant courts in Paris, France.