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August 4th, 1978...

Today is Friday !

 Number-one song in the charts today

In the USA:

"Shadow Dancing"
by Andy Gibb

In the UK:
"You're The One That I Want"
by John Travolta & Olivia Newton John
 TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: Test Tube Baby

(TIME Cover: July the 31st, 1978)

 Famous people born on the 4th of August:

1521 - Pope Urban VII (d. 1590)
1755 - Nicolas-Jacques Conté, French painter, inventor of the modern pencil (d. 1805)
1834 - John Venn, English mathematician (d. 1923)
1900 - Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, (Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother), Queen consort of George VI of the United Kingdom (d. 2002)
1901 - Louis Armstrong, American musician (d. 1971)
1960 - José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, 5th Prime Minister of Spain

 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1978

Peter D. Mitchell

for his contribution to the understanding of biological energy transfer through the formulation of the chemiosmotic theory

United Kingdom
Glynn Research Laboratories - Bodmin, United Kingdom

Photo: nobelprize.org

 Average price of a dozen eggs in 1978 (USA)

Oscar of the best picture in 1978

The Deer Hunter
directed by Michael Cimino
with Robert De Niro (Michael), Christopher Walken (Nick) and Meryl Streep (Linda)

Designed in 1978

The Tea service
by Peter Shire

Rolling Stone Magazine cover

Donna Summer / Rolling Stone Magazine Vol. 261, March 23, 1978



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