January 18th, 1984...

Tonight is Wednesday
  the moon phase on that date    

On this date, the moon was looking like this.
(waxing crescent moon)


For those who believe in clairvoyance, divination, psychic readings and fate, astrological birth symbols have always meant a lot. Every ancient tradition has developped its own symbolic patterns, myths and stories. You'll find below what your birth sign is according to different cultures. If you are not a crystal ball addict, you can still find in this symbols a lot of poetry...




Astrological signs
January 18th, 1984

zodiacal symbol: the occidental influence of the stars on people life Your zodiac sign:
  celtic spririts of the wood

Celtic astrology: your sign is

  aztec symbols: life in the prism of nature Aztec astrology: your sign is
Flower (xochitl)
  Egyptian beliefs: the eyes of god in the stars Egyptian astrology: your sign is
Amon Ra
  chinese symbols: spirituality based on nature Chinese astrology: your sign is
Pig of water



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