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December 1st, 1992...

Today is Tuesday !

 Number-one song in the charts today

In the USA:

"I Will Always Love You"
by Whitney Houston

In the UK:
"Would I Lie To You?"
by Charles & Eddie
 TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: Princess Diana

(TIME Cover: November the 30th, 1992)

 Famous people born on the 1st of December:

1081 - Louis VI of France (d. 1137)
1521 - Takeda Shingen, Japanese warlord (d. 1573)
1761 - Marie Tussaud, creator of wax sculptures (Madame Tussauds) (d. 1850)
1923 - Stansfield Turner, American admiral and Central Intelligence Agency director
1923 - Morris, Belgian cartoonist (Lucky Luke) (d. 2001)
1935 - Woody Allen, American film director, actor, and comedian
1944 - John Densmore, American drummer (The Doors)
1944 - Pierre Arditi, French film and stage actor
1945 - Bette Midler, American actress
1947 - Alain Bashung, French singer
1949 - Pablo Escobar, Colombian drug lord (d. 1993)
2001 - Aiko, Princess Toshi of Japan

 The Nobel Prize in Physics 1992

Georges Charpak

for his invention and development of particle detectors, in particular the multiwire proportional chamber

École Supérieure de Physique et Chimie - Paris, France; CERN - Geneva, Switzerland

Photo: nobelprize.org

 Average price of a dozen eggs in 1992 (USA)

Oscar of the best picture in 1992

directed by Clint Eastwood
with Clint Eastwood (Bill Munny) and Gene Hackman (Little Bill Daggett)

Designed in 1992

The Desk
by Marc Newson

Rolling Stone Magazine cover

Denzel Washington / Rolling Stone Magazine Vol. 644, November 26, 1992



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