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September 22nd, 1934...

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 TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: Henry Morgenthau

(TIME Cover: September the 17th, 1934)

 Famous people born on the 22nd of September:

1606 - Li Zicheng, Chinese rebel (d. 1645)
1791 - Michael Faraday, English scientist (d. 1867)
1829 - Tu Duc, Emperor of Vietnam
1880 - Dame Christabel Pankhurst, English suffragist (d. 1958)
1922 - Chen Ning Yang, Chinese-born physicist, Nobel laureate
1928 - James Lawson, American minister and civil rights activist
1957 - Nick Cave, Australian musician
1958 - Andrea Bocelli, Italian teno
1971 - Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
1976 - Ronaldo, Brazilian footballer

 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1934

Harold Clayton Urey

for their discovery of heavy hydrogen

Columbia University - New York, NY, USA

Photo: nobelprize.org

Oscar of the best picture in 1934

It Happened One Night
directed by Frank Capra
with Clark Gable (Peter Warne) and Claudette Colbert (Ellie Andrews)

Designed in 1934

The Zig-Zag chair
by Gerrit Rietveld


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