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January 31st, 1930...

Today is Friday !

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 TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: William D. Mitchell

(TIME Cover: January the 27th, 1930)

 Famous people born on the 31st of January:

1338 - King Charles V of France (d. 1380)
1512 - King Henry of Portugal (d. 1580)
1543 - Tokugawa Ieyasu, Shogun of Japan (d. 1616)
1797 - Franz Schubert, Austrian composer (d. 1828)
1937 - Philip Glass, American composer
1938 - Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
1961 - Lloyd Cole, British singer
1981 - Justin Timberlake, American singer

 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1930

Karl Landsteiner

for his discovery of human blood groups

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research - New York, NY, USA.

Photo: nobelprize.org

Designed in 1930

The Brno Tubular chair
by L.M. van der Rohe


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