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September 15th, 1928...

Today is Saturday !

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TIME Magazine: Augustus John

(TIME Cover: September the 10th, 1928)

 Famous people born on the 15th of September:

973 - Al-Biruni, mathematician (d. 1048)
1254 - Marco Polo, Italian explorer (d. 1324)
1857 - William Howard Taft, 27th President of the United States (d. 1930)
1881 - Ettore Bugatti, Italian automobile engineer and designer (d. 1947)
1890 - Agatha Christie, English writer (d. 1976)
1904 - King Umberto II of Italy (d. 1983)
1928 - Cannonball Adderley, American saxophonist and bandleader (d. 1975)
1941 - Signe Toly Anderson, American Folk rock singer (ex-Jefferson Airplane)
1946 - Tommy Lee Jones, American actor
1946 - Oliver Stone, American film director
1972 - Princess Letizia of Spain
1976 - Paul Thomson, Scottish drummer (Franz Ferdinand)

Designed in 1928

The Chair
by Robert Mallet-Steven


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