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January 11th, 1928...

Today is Wednesday !

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TIME Magazine: Thomas Campbell

(TIME Cover: January the 9th, 1928)

 Famous people born on the 11th of January:

1322 - Emperor Komyo of Japan (d. 1380)
1359 - Emperor Go-En'yu of Japan (d. 1393)
1858 - Harry Gordon Selfridge, American retailer (d. 1947)
1885 - Alice Paul, American women's rights activist (d. 1977)
1908 - Lionel Stander, American actor (d. 1994)
1926 - Lev Demin, cosmonaut (d. 1998)
1946 - Tony Kaye, British keyboard player (Yes)

Designed in 1928

The Chair
by Robert Mallet-Steven


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