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August 26th, 1927...

Today is Friday !

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TIME Magazine: Max Reinhardt

(TIME Cover: August the 22nd, 1927)

 Famous people born on the 26th of August:

1469 - Ferdinand II of Naples (d. 1496)
1540 - King Magnus of Livonia (d. 1583)
1743 - Antoine Lavoisier, French chemist (d. 1794)
1845 - Mary Ann 'Polly' Nichols, widely believed to be the first victim of Jack the Ripper (d. 1888)
1880 - Guillaume Apollinaire, French poet and art critic (d. 1918)
1910 - Mother Teresa, Humanitarian Activist and Worker (d. 1997)
1944 - Maureen Tucker, American musician (The Velvet Underground)

Designed in 1927

The MR10 chair
by L.M. van der Rohe


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