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April 11th, 1927...

Today is Monday !

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TIME Magazine: Cornelius McGillicuddy

(TIME Cover: April the 11th, 1927)

 Famous people born on the 11th of April:

146 - Septimius Severus (d. 211)
1357 - John I of Portugal (d. 1433)
1492 - Marguerite of Navarre, wife of Henry II of Navarre (d. 1549)
1755 - James Parkinson, English physician (d. 1824)
1935 - Richard Kuklinski, mafia hitman (d. 2006)
1963 - Chris Ferguson, American poker player
1966 - Lisa Stansfield, English singer

Designed in 1927

The MR10 chair
by L.M. van der Rohe


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