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December 28th, 1927...

Today is Wednesday !

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TIME Magazine: Geraldine Farrar

(TIME Cover: December the 5th, 1927)

 Famous people born on the 28th of December:

1164 - Emperor Rokujo of Japan (d. 1176)
1522 - Margaret of Austria, regent of the Netherlands (d. 1583)
1856 - Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 1924)
1882 - Arthur Eddington, British astronomer and physicist (d. 1944)
1903 - John von Neumann, Hungarian-born mathematician (d. 1957)
1931 - Guy Debord, French writer and filmmaker (d. 1994)
1938 - Charles Neville, American musician (Neville Brothers)
1969 - Linus Torvalds, Finnish computer programmer

Designed in 1927

The MR10 chair
by L.M. van der Rohe


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