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December 25th, 1927...

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TIME Magazine: Geraldine Farrar

(TIME Cover: December the 5th, 1927)

 Famous people born on the 25th of December:

1250 - John IV Lascaris, Eastern Roman Emperor (d. circa 1305)
1642 (O.S.) - Sir Isaac Newton, English physicist and mathematician (d. 1727)
1763 - Claude Chappe, French telecommunications pioneer (d. 1805)
1876 - Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan (d. 1948)
1878 - Louis Chevrolet, Swiss-born race car driver (d. 1941)
1887 - Conrad Nicholson Hilton, American hotelier (d. 1979)
1899 - Humphrey Bogart, American actor (d. 1957)
1918 - Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, Nobel laureate (d. 1981)
1936 - Princess Alexandra of Kent
1954 - Annie Lennox, Scottish singer
1959 - Michael P. Anderson, astronaut (d. 2003)
1961 - Ingrid Betancourt, Colombian senator
1971 - Dido, English singer

Designed in 1927

The MR10 chair
by L.M. van der Rohe


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