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August 25th, 1926...

Today is Wednesday !

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 TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: Captain Rene Fonck

(TIME Cover: August the 23rd, 1926)

 Famous people born on the 25th of August:

1530 - Tsar Ivan IV of Russia (d. 1584)
1772 - King William I of the Netherlands (d. 1843)
1786 - King Ludwig I of Bavaria (d. 1868)
1819 - Allan Pinkerton, American private detective (d. 1884)
1845 - King Ludwig II of Bavaria (d. 1886)
1918 - Leonard Bernstein, American conductor, composer, educator and pianist (d. 1990)
1930 - Sir Sean Connery, British actor
1949 - Gene Simmons, Israeli-born bassist and singer (KISS)
1951 - Rob Halford, English singer (Judas Priest)
1954 - Elvis Costello, English musician
1958 - Tim Burton, American film director, producer, and screenwriter

Designed in 1926

The Kettle
by Marianne Brandt


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