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March 16th, 1926...

Today is Tuesday !

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 TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: Oliver Wendell Holmes

(TIME Cover: March the 15th, 1926)

 Famous people born on the 16th of March:

1751 - James Madison, 4th President of the United States (d. 1836)
1789 - Georg Simon Ohm, German physicist (d. 1854)
1800 - Emperor Ninko of Japan (d. 1846)
1925 - Luis E. Miramontes, Mexican chemist, co-inventor of the contraceptive pill (d. 2004).
1926 - Jerry Lewis, American comedian
1932 - Walter Cunningham, astronaut
1953 - Isabelle Huppert, French actress

Designed in 1926

The Kettle
by Marianne Brandt


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