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April 15th, 1925...

Today is Wednesday !

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TIME Magazine: Lord Arthur Balfour

(TIME Cover: April the 13th, 1925)

 Famous people born on the 15th of April:

1452 - Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance Roman Catholic polymath (d. 1519)
1642 - Suleiman II, Ottoman Sultan (d. 1691)
1646 - King Christian V of Denmark (d. 1699)
1684 - Catherine I of Russia (d. 1727)
1707 - Leonhard Euler, Swiss mathematician (d. 1783)
1912 - Kim Il Sung, President of North Korea (d. 1994)
1939 - Claudia Cardinale, Tunisian-born actress
1966 - Samantha Fox, English singer

Designed in 1925

The Wassily chair
by Marcel Breuer


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