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<h1> The kakophone : the composig machine for mobile phone</h1> <h2> A machine that compse music </h2> <p> The kakophone is a music generator. Il permet à toute personne équipée d'une connexion internet de composer chaque jour plus de cent mille milliards de morceaux différents, simplement en cliquant et en tournant des boutons. Il suffit pour cela de choisir un style et un code magique. Au bout de quelques secondes, le kakophone compose et interprète un morceau virtuellement unique (1 chance sur plusieurs milliards d'obtenir 2 fois la même composition). On peut recevoir le morceau ainsi composé sur son téléphone portable pour en faire sa sonnerie unique et personnelle. Le concept du kakophone est une première mondiale . Il n'existe à ce jour aucun équivalent sur le Web ou ailleurs. </p> <h2> La composition musicale </h2> <p> The kakophone http://www.kakophone.com To create online and download your own personal polyphonic ringtone within a few seconds, for free ! Free online music generator. You can use it to create and download your own personal polyphonic ringtone within a few seconds, for free ! The kakophone is a music generator. It can generate more than one hundred thousand billion different tunes every day. Everybody can use it to create and download his own personal ringtone for free. The kakophone is a new free service available online at http://www.kakophone.com. Basically, it's a music generator, able to compose more than one hundred thousand billon different tunes everyday. Everybody can use the kakophone to compose his own personal ringtone and download it for free. No musical knowledge is required, users just have to click and turn buttons to create as many tunes as they want, until they find the one they like. Tunes are composed and play live, within a few seconds. There is no need to download any program to run the kakophone, it works online and only requires a recent web browser and an web connection. The kakophone has been developped by a french team located in Paris and is based on a home-made harmonical algorithm. 6 styles are available : - sea sex and chachacha (latino music) - electro poppies (electronic music) - kingston all inclusive (reggae) - kakostyle (experimental music) - rolldamops (jungle, hip-hop) - Very secret agent (translates a text message into Morse language) Tunes are displayed in a polyphonic format (MIDI), compatible with most of the recent handsets. Downloads are free (private use only). The number of combinations is huge (more than one hundred thousand billion everyday), so every ringtone composed is virtually unique. The kakophone is then also a nice ressource for those who want to find musical ideas for composing purposes. Tunes created are not always delightfull for the ears (it's just a machine!), but sometimes, the kakophone generates very interesting and unexpected melodies. </p> <a href="http://www.ringtonepicker.com">sonneries et logos</a>
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