Kakorama: a ride into the past, to find out what happened the day you were born


birthday gift, a nice gift...


The kakorama is a kind of time machine you can use to find out what was going on in the world when you were born. Simply select your birthday date and you will know:

- which song was number-one in the charts ?
The beatles ? Elvis Presley ? Madonna ?

- who got the Oscar of the best picture ?
Maybe the award went to a good movie you didn't watch yet...

- what was fashion this year ?
A famous designer certainly has created a wonderful object this year (sofa, chair, shoes...)

- who got the Nobel prize ?
someone who made a big discovery for sure...

- which famous people were born the same day ?
Maybe a queen, a band leader, an inventor, a model, a cosmonaut, an actor...

To find out what was going on in the world on your birthday, have a little ride in the past, with the kakorama !


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