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July 26th, 1991...

Today is Friday !

 Number-one song in the charts today

In the USA:

by EMF

In the UK:
"(Everything I Do) I Do It For You"
by Bryan Adams
 TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: Colorado River, The

(TIME Cover: July the 22nd, 1991)

 Famous people born on the 26th of July:

1678 - Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1711)
1894 - Aldous Huxley, English-born author (d. 1963)
1908 - Salvador Allende, President of Chile (d. 1973)
1922 - Blake Edwards, American film director
1928 - Stanley Kubrick, American film director (d. 1999)
1943 - Mick Jagger, English musician (The Rolling Stones)
1949 - Roger Taylor, English musician (Queen)
1959 - Kevin Spacey, American actor

 The Nobel Prize in Physics 1991

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes

for discovering that methods developed for studying order phenomena in simple systems can be generalized to more complex forms of matter, in particular to liquid crystals and polymers

Collège de France - Paris, France

Photo: nobelprize.org

 Average price of a dozen eggs in 1991 (USA)

Oscar of the best picture in 1991

The Silence of the Lambs
directed by Jonathan Demme
with Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Hannibal Lecter) and Jodie Foster (Clarice Starling)

Designed in 1991

The Älgskinnsfåtöljen
by Mats Theselius

Rolling Stone Magazine cover

Rod Stewart & Rachel Hunter / Rolling Stone Magazine Vol. 608/609, July 11, 1991



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