Test ringtone


I don't know whether my phone can play polyphonic midi files and I'm afraid I lent the manual to my little sister who left it in the toilets at the local cinema ...

Don’t panic!
There are 2 ways to check whether your telephone is compatible with the kakophone, with or without WAP.

1 - Downloading the ringtone using WAP

Open the WAP browser on your mobile phone and enter the following address:


Press enter. Be sure to use lower-case letters when typing the address!

If your telephone cannot play the sound file you receive, then it is not compatible with polyphonic midi ringtones. You will quickly need to sell your phone on e-bay and splash out on a new one!

If your telephone plays the file, then you are ready to go! Your telephone is kakocompatible.

If your telephone says it is “unable to connect”, then WAP has not be activated. Contact your network or try the following:


2 - Copying the ringtone from my computer (does not require WAP).

Download the test ringtone by right-clicking on this link (Mac users should hold down “Ctrl” while clicking) and select “Save to disk”.

Once the “test.mid” file has finished downloading, you will need to copy it to your telephone.

To do this, you will need a Bluetooth/infrared connection or a USB cable compatible with your mobile phone.

If the file you have copied to your telephone is played as a ringtone, you’re in business! Your phone will be compatible with all kakophone ringtones.

Don’t forget to enter your email address (on the screen used to select your country, network and telephone model), so the ringtone can be sent to you.